Luxury Packages & Additional Services

Royal Canine Luxury Package - Your pet can have it all!
Aromatherapy, Oatmeal, or Flavor of the month shampoo, Exfoliating Mud Treatment, Coat Conditioner, Berry Facial, Fancy Paws Pawdicure, and Superior Fresh Breath Treatment. Price $ 25 in addition to spa package

Fancy Paws
A full service Pawdicure, including nail grinding and filing, brown sugar paw scrub, paw massage, elbow and pad protecting cream, and nail polish if requested. Price $ 8, $12 with nail polish in addition to spa package

Superior Fresh Breath Treatment
We start by applying a natural, plaque reducing gel. We give the gel time to work while your pet is being groomed. We follow with a thorough toothbrushing and fresh mint foam. This package also includes a natural chlorophyll chewy for your dog to enjoy after the groom. Your pup's breath will bring you two closer, and will have everyone saying ahhhh.... Price $12 in addition to spa package

Berry Facial
A refreshing blueberry or plum aromatherapy facial scrub. Eliminates dead cells, invigorates skin, and provides a calming effect. Perfect after a stressful week on the couch or the dog park. Price $ 7 in addition to spa package.

* A full brush out usually takes 15 minutes. Any additional brushing time due to a matted coat will be charged at a rate of $15 per 15 minute time frame. Pets who take extra time due to behavior, may incur an extra charge

Luxurious, Earth Friendly Service at your Paw Tips

Mobile Pet Grooming

Paw Naturel Spa

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Dog Grooming Services

We will come to you ready to groom your pet with love and earth friendly, natural products. All our packages include nail clipping, ear cleaning, brushing*, bath (2 shampoos with hydro massaging bathing system), conditioner, fluff dry, deshed or haircut, and spray. We strive to develop a deep bond with our clients and their pets. Therefore, your pet will be assigned to their own personal stylist who will get to know them and earn their trust.

Our products: ear cleaners, shampoos, conditioners, and colognes, are cruelty-free, biodegradable, and organic when possible. Your pet will feel clean, smell great, and be the envy of the neighborhood. 

You will have all this without having to leave your home, waste hours in traffic, and wait around for your pet to be groomed. There is no greater luxury than being pampered at home. We offer several select spa packages that are sure to satisfy even the most sophisticated, discriminating furry client.

All our clients are on a 2-6 week groom schedule, in order to keep them looking and feeling their best.

 Prices generally range between $85-$160, and will vary according to breed, size, coat condition, service requested and temperament. Mobile groomers often cost more than salons for the following reasons:

+ We come to your home and dedicate our time only to you. Salons can put your dog in a cage dryer for hours and make money on other dogs meanwhile. We reduce the possibility of heat stroke by eliminating cage dryers.

+ We use some of the best, high quality natural products available. We go to shows every year and personally speak with the manufacturers. The price quote you will get from a chain salon includes only one bath with basic shampoo and no conditioner. In order to get a premium shampoo and conditioner there, expect to pay $20-30 more. Every dog's coat needs and deserves the best shampoo and conditioner, and it is included in our price.

+ Many salons use unskilled bathers/brushers to work on your dog. With a mobile service, you will always get a knowledgeable professional who is committed to you, your pet, and to constant education and improvement.

 + The convenience and how much your own time and gas costs. You do not have to waste the whole day taking your dog, waiting around, and driving to pick him/her up again. After the first time, you don't even need to be home.

 + Your dog is not left alone in a strange place. We eliminate contact with other animals and reduce risk of contagious diseases. We take the time to sanitize after every family

 + We get to know every dog and cater to their physical needs. We have been able to identify conditions that were later diagnosed by the veterinarian, such as eye, ear, and skin infections, hernias, and even cancer, by noticing anomalies that the pet owner did not even know where there. This has proven invaluable to our clients, as they were able to seek treatment for their pets before conditions got worse.

 + We do not provide "just a bath or just a shave. " This is a very small, premier business that caters to busy people who truly care for their dogs' well-being and comfort. Our current customers believe their dogs' safety and peace of mind are worth it.