“The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. You must be the change you want to see in the world.”  

- Mahatma Gandhi

We fully support the work of these outstanding charities. Part of our profits and special event funds, are donated to these animal rescue groups:

​​​​Chester County SPCA

The SPCA accepts all unwanted/stray pets and works very hard to find them forever homes. A wonderful group of staff and volunteers works very hard to socialize the animals and increase their chance to be adopted. Many animals stay in the shelter for months until they find new human parents.  

PAWS - Philadelphia Area Welfare Society
PAWS takes in approx. 30,000 animals each year! They have dramatically increased the number of animals who find a home and have wonderful programs to help even more pets find homes every day. Their needs have increased as more pet owners find themselves unable to care for their pet.   

International SpayNeuter Network 

This very small, but amazing organization is based out of Orlando, FL. They work relentlessly to help reduce the pain and suffering of Jamaica's street animals and educate the people. Why Jamaica? It is a poor, thirld world country with very, very few resources. They have nothing like we have in the US. Places like these are where help is needed the most. Dogs and cats roam the streets starving, and are often ruthlessly treated by people who don't know better. These animals are not in our backyard, but we can all agree that a dog or cat deserves nourishment and humane treatment wherever it happens to be. This group feeds, spays and neuters dogs and cats, and strives to educate people who otherwise may never know the right way to treat an animal. Sometimes, compassion needs to be taught.  

Jamaica Animal House

This is a small shelter ran by a good, caring person in Jamaica. They have several dogs (over 150!!) that are now safe from the suffering mentioned above, but they need support feeding them and providing medical treatment. Will you please help? 
Humane Society of The United States - This is the nation's largest animal protection organization. Their outstanding efforts and accomplishements have made tremendous improvement in the way domestic and wild animals are treated today

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