Paw Naturel Spa

Alla- owner (and the only one who does any work around here). She has a Masters' degree in Human Resources Development, and has held several positions in Human Resources and Training.  

 Alla has volunteered with many rescue organizations, and continues to volunteer and sponsor animal rescue groups such as the Chester County SPCA, SPCA International, Humane Society, and International Spay/Neuter Group. She attended grooming school at the prestigious Nash Academy, and worked at a local salon. She has been taking care of friends' and family's animals for years and finally decided to turn her passion into a small business that encompasses her two core beliefs: Compassionate quality care for all animals and Respect for the environment.

Board Of Directors

Mobile Pet Grooming

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President of Treats and Client Selection

Chorizo works hard to ensure only the best treats are used as bribes in this business. She personally samples every batch. She also retains the authority to decline services to anyone who sticks their nose, sniffs, walks by, or even looks at the pantry.


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Marble: Founding Member and CEO

Cat Executive Officer

It all started with Marble's innovative idea to give dogs a bath as often as possible. Soon, she introduced dog nail clipping to the business plan, and the rest is history. She smiles to herself every time she thinks about it. Marble also volunteers as Senior Chief Advisor to Catbert, Evil HR Director.


CFO: Chief Feline Officer

Onyx feels that a business can best be managed while taking a nap..... as long as profits are invested in good quality cat food and tuna fish. She is very flexible in giving employees time off, if, and only if, they scratch her head while they are resting. Onyx also handles and responds to all customer complaints.


VP: Vice Pooch Security 
& Janitorial Services 


Miller's main responsibility is to ensure that everyone knows he's near. He wishes to keep his janitorial duties a corporate secret. Any fan mail should be addressed to his corporate code name: Sir Bark A Lot.