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Less anxiety for your pet 

 Your pet never leaves his/her property. Pets can see their home from the van's large windows - No barking, nervous dogs. No separation anxiety. No waiting in a cage all day - Unless unexpected circumstances arise, the same groomer always goes to see your pet - Pets are groomed by a trusted professional, not a stranger. Many salons have assistants who do most of the work and pass the pet around.


We come to you. Save time, gas, and the trouble of driving to the groomer's. No need to wait around all day for your dog to get done. You don'™t even need to be home after the first time. We are insured and operate like a house cleaning or pet sitting service. One less thing to worry about.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee peace of mind for you and your best friend. We use only natural, eco-friendly products, and never cage your pet. And when it's all done, we guarantee a snuggle-ready, clean, fresh smelling pet!

​​Peace of mind for you

​Ever wonder what goes on after you leave your pet at the groomer's? Grooming salons can be loud, busy, and crowded with other animals waiting to be groomed. Dogs are barking and nervous, not knowing what to expect. Your pet could be in a cage for a long time and may be passed around from person to person throughout the grooming process. With Paw Naturel, you can be sure that your pet gets the individual attention he or she deserves. We will get to know you and your pet, and hopefully establish a great, long term relationship.

Dog Grooming Services

Mobile Pet Grooming

​Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To provide outstanding care for your best friend while protecting the environment. We are fully insured, and donate a portion of our profits to animal rescue organizations.


Reduced safety and health concerns 

Our full attention is on your dog. No other animals, phone calls, customers, or any other distractions whatsoever. 

No interaction with other pets who could be harmful or aggressive to your pet

  • We sanitize between clients. Reduced exposure to diseases
  • No cage drying. We use a cool, hand dryer - reducing the possibility of heat stroke
  • Great for older pets or pets who get car sick or have trouble getting around
  • We only groom up to 6 pets a day, which allows us to dedicate as much time as needed to your pet.

We are pawsitively glad you found us! Paw Naturel strives to provide loving, eco-friendly, and stress-free mobile grooming for your dog. Our pets give us so much unconditionally,  and expect so little in return. And while they do not ask for it, we know they deserve the best available care. Paw Naturel Mobile Spa offers natural and organic grooming services for your pet in the convenience and comfort of your own driveway.

Paw Naturel Spa